• Programs

  • Whether you want to meet your health goals, boost your career, create fulfilling relationships, attract wealth or reach peak performance, the Energy Balancing Programs can help get clarity with your objectives, break through your blocks to success, and actualize your dreams.

  • Facilitating Health Recovery

    Do you have lingering aches and pains and can't find lasting relief? Maybe you’ve tried pain killers, supplements, meditation, massage therapy and more, but to no avail. You feel at a loss and don’t know what to do next... Take a closer look at your feelings. Emotions that you may be holding back could be interfering with your health recovery and preventing you from becoming free from pain.

    Trapped emotions are negative energies that become trapped in your body during intense emotional events. They interfere with the flow of life energy, disrupting organs and systems, and interfering with the normal healing process.

    As your Energy Coach, I can help you identify and release any trapped emotional energies that disrupt your body's energy system, causing pain, anxiety or any physical discomfort. Releasing hidden and trapped emotions will allow you to rebalance your energy system and regain well-being. 

    BUY PACKAGE: 4 x 1 hour sessions - $460 CAD

  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships

    If you've ever asked yourself: Why haven't I found the love of my life? Am I truly worthy of love? Why can't I make my good relationships last? How can I bring the love back to my marriage? Is my relationship worth saving? And do I have the power to save it? Then this Program is for you.

    Trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs can cause you to make the wrong choices, attract the wrong partner, or feel confused about your own feelings. They can also cause you to sabotage your relationships, be it romantic relationships, friendships or family relationships. Heart-walls disconnest your heart from being able to feel happiness, love, beauty, gratitude and joy. Fortunately, energy techniques can help you release these harmful emotional energies and turn things around. 

    As your Energy Coach, I will help you identify and release any trapped emotional energies that may prevent you from attracting or receiving love. You will clear heart walls that may create a distance between you and your present or potential partner. You will reprogram limiting beliefs that may sabotage your plans and replace them with empowering beliefs that support your wishes and dreams.

    BUY PACKAGE: 4 x 1 hour sessions - $460 CAD

  • Attracting Wealth & Success

    Do you feel that your dreams for financial freedom have been blocked in some way? Do you feel that something is holding you back, preventing you from attracting wealth or creating the life you want? 

    Most of the time the limitations you experience with respect to your financial situation are the direct consequence of the beliefs you hold about money. These beliefs define your comfort zone, they determine the limits of what you can achieve, and can prevent you from taking risks or looking for new opportunities.

    As you Energy Coach, I can help you identify and release energy blocks that prevent you from attracting success, and reprogram limiting beliefs that sabotage your goals. Letting go of energy block will empower you to create the life you really want.

    BUY PACKAGE: 4 x 1 hour sessions - $460 CAD