• Are Your Negative Thoughts Making You Sick?

    October 9, 2017
  • Negative thoughts, emotions, and conscious or unconscious beliefs are all emotional energies that can affect your overall health and wellbeing. They can make you prone to sensitivities, allergies, infections, heart disease, chronic pain and other serious physical illnesses.

  • Here are some questions you can ask yourself: 

    Do you...

    • Worry a lot about negative news stories and about what might happen to you?
    • Hear about diseases and tell yourself “whatever is going around, I’ll probably catch it”?
    • Get frequent checkups, or spend a lot of time reading about diseases?
    • Believe that certain diseases “run in my family”?
    • Secretly feel thrilled or excited when you hear about a new disease that is currently being reported and receiving media attention?
    • Find it interesting to hear about the diseases of famous people?
    • Believe that the environment and foods are full of hidden dangers, or that foods contain additives which are poisonous and will cause disease?
    • Stop or want to stop to get a look at accident victims?
    • Like hospital TV shows, or endless reporting on wars, disasters and suffering in the world?
    • Enjoy TV shows that include hitting, shouting, fist fights, killing, torture, crime, and other forms of violence?
    • Carry a lot of guilt?
    • Have a lot of anger?
    • Condemn other people’s behavior and tend to be judgmental?
    • Hold resentments and grudges?
    • Feel stuck and hopeless?

    Now check your answers. The more yeses to these questions you get, the greater are your chances of becoming ill.

    The good news is that you can change your negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs and prevent potentially serious consequences.

    Energy techniques work on your body’s energy system to release or neutralize harmful negative emotional energies. The results are often quick and permanent.